Two New “Rumored” Businesses

I have it on good authority that two new commercial properties will be opening at The Collection soon:  a 24-Hour Fitness and Soma Intimates.

A planning and zoning permit was recently filed to open a 43,000 square foot 24-Hour Fitness Super Sport located at 400 Town Center Dr.  Apparently 24-Hour Fitness gyms come in four different flavors:  Ultra-Sport, Super-Sport, Sport and Active/Express/Fit Life.  Here’s how they describe the Super-Sport on their website:

Get all the little extras with your membership. At 24 Hour Fitness Super-Sport clubs, you will find towel service and plenty of equipment. In addition to functional training areas, and personal viewing screens on select cardio equipment, most clubs also offer whirlpools and saunas. Most locations also offer basketball and swimming and some locations feature racquetball.

As for Soma, they have a sign on a wall on Town Center Dr. (the main street open right now with Menchies, Massage Envy, etc).  I also checked their website and they currently have job openings posted for the new store at The Collection.  So while there’s no ETA that I’ve seen, they’re definitely coming.

I’ll wait until these stores are officially confirmed before I move them from the “Rumored Businesses” page to the “Confirmed Businesses” page, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing these guys at The Collection in the near future.

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23 Responses to Two New “Rumored” Businesses

  1. Ryan V says:

    The Collection shouldn’t add a fitness place. There is already one across the freeway in the Esplanade. Is the Collection going to be opening new businesses like they said they were or is it going to keep “stealing” businesses from the Esplanade?

    • Mig says:

      I’m not thrilled about a gym going into The Collection either. Other than catering to the people of Riverpark, who is this 42,000 s.f. gym supposed to attract? There are gyms all over the place in every city. The Collection is supposed to be the development for businesses that are unique to this area. What a waste of a 2-story 42,000 s.f. opportunity to bring in something that will help attract people from outlying cities to The Collection. No need for Venturans or Camarillans to trek all the way down the 101 to go to 24 Hour Fitness.

      But considering that the gym at the Esplanade is an LA Fitness, I don’t think it is “stealing” to bring in a competitor (24 Hour Fitness). Not the same thing as in “stealing” Ulta cosmetics from The Esplanade.

      • Ryan V says:

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that first building a gym there may be the worst decision they’ve made so far with The Collection. There is one right across the freeway that I’m sure a lot of Riverpark residents already go to. If the one at The Collection is built it will be the new hot spot for everybody in Oxnard to transfer to. The one at the Esplanade will probably begin to fail somewhat. Its just a huge waste of space for The Collection to even entertain this idea. Don’t they have something unique that they can put in such a large space?

        • Sam says:

          I think they will target a total different socio economic population compared to LA fitness. Remember this is a 24 hour super sport gym (It cannot be the “hot spot” because is pretty expensive compared to other Oxnard gyms). Completely different from most 24 hour gyms in Ventura county (Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and South Oxnard) and LA fitness. In my opinion a gym for an upper scale population is a good addition to Riverpark, not Inside The Collection, that will bring tooooo much traffic; But near Town Center is a good idea.

      • Brian says:

        24 hour fitness mega club is absolutely the right thing to add. Go to a highly respected outdoor facility like the irvine spectrum. Almost identical to what they have had in place for many years now. 24 hour is there as well. Check it out. That place is packed day in and day out btw. I travel and love finding myself in places like the spectrum that has it all. Workout, shop, eat. Otherwise I wouldn’t be stopping there.

  2. Mig says:

    I understand your caution regarding the designations “rumored” vs. “confirmed”, but if both Soma and 24 Hour Fitness are clearly identified on the on-site directory boards, and Soma has signs plastered all over the windows saying “coming soon” plus they are posting job listings, and that permitting is ongoing for the new 24 Hour Fitness free standing building, I think it’s pretty much a done deal.

    Confirmed. There, I said it. Confirmed as much as any new business that The Collection takes their sweet old time in making the formal announcement for, even when there’s clear evidence of it right there on property. Confirmed as much as Whole Foods and REI and Century Theaters were “confirmed” all those years when their buildings or pads sat half finished and dormant while nothing was going on at The Collection. I don’t think we’ll have to wait through years of inactivity to see the doors open on Soma and 24 Hour Fitness, although we might have to wait that long for The Collection to finally make their “formal” announcements of it. This is still the strangest way of opening up a shopping development that I’ve ever seen or heard of.

  3. Sam says:

    I think I super sport gym is needed in the area. I really good addition to Riverpark. LA fitness at least the one in Oxnard, is not the best gym. Trust me I know I’m still a member (have been for 4 years). If it was just an active or sport 24 hours I would disagree but a super sport? Hell yeah, only big cities like Northridge, Santa Monica, West Hollywood have one.

    • Mig says:

      Big cities also have an Apple Store, and so do smaller ones like Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Santa Barbara, and as far as I’m concerned, if The Collection got the kind of Apple Store more like the kind you find in Santa Monica, Manhattan, and San Francisco (on the order of 12,000 s.f. or more) than the kind that you find inside the mall in Thousand Oaks (dinky, at around 6,000 s.f.) that would be a far bigger prize than a 42,000 s.f. gym that’s just like every other gym to the people that aren’t members and don’t intend to join. I can’t see anyone driving more than a few miles to go to a gym no matter how nice it is, they won’t come from much further than that when they can go to all those other gyms that are closer to their homes. A world class Apple Store, however, (i.e. the kind that people take pictures of the outside of) would draw folks in from miles around. People just passing through on 101 would detour to see it, there’s no gym on earth that could do that, no matter how big and fancy it is. My opinion only, of course, but a 42,000 s.f. 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport is a terrible waste of space in a place that is supposed to be “upscale”. Plus the parking is going to take a big hit from it. I bet H&M are really ticked off about it.

      • Ryan V says:

        An Apple would greatly benefit The Collection, but I don’t think they have that kind of pull to get one there….

        • Mig says:

          I don’t think it’s “pull” that would get one here, but rather, does Apple want to be in this area? Do they feel there is enough market population here between their stores in T.O. and S.B. to justify locating one here? I think the answer is “yes”, and I have heard hearsay that Apple indeed is interested, but that they want to see what the majority of the tenant mix at The Collection turns out to be before they pull the trigger on it. Then again, if Apple were really interested in this area, why have they not already opened a store in Ventura, especially at Pac View Mall? Maybe the potential of The Collection is more to their liking, but they want other “high end” retailers to test the waters first before they jump in. It’s a safe bet that Apple doesn’t want to locate into a mall that’s still 60% empty. This drawn out process of announcing new stores is really getting old. Thankfully, H&M is doing something high profile and notable here. The Collection needs a lot more of that, not really more announcements of new dining options and zero word on new retailers, and definitely not a 42,000 s.f gym. That’s not the kind of business that will help convince Apple to lease space.

          • Ryan V says:

            I think after The Collection opens up the restaurants in the Fall that should be it as far as dining goes. They need to start focusing on the high-end retail and specialty shops they promised.

      • Sam says:

        Maybe I was not clear or you misunderstood me. Of course I want an Apple store in The Collection (I’m a big fan of Apple). I totally agree with you on having on Apple store on the 101, It will sure attract people. I dont want a 24 hour gym instead of an Apple store. I just think having a super sport gym would be nice. I dont know if is common but many of my friends, travel at least 10 miles to go to a gym. I currently go to 24 hour fitness in Camarillo (I live in S Oxnard) because the one in Oxnard doesn’t have a sauna. There is plenty of space around Riverpark to build an Apple store and a 24 hour fitness.

  4. Krista Lake says:

    Great blog and comments from readers.
    Thanks for the good information.
    For someone like myself who works with developers in markets all across the country it’s a good resource to see what’s going on in the community.

    Thanks again!

  5. Ryan V says:

    I got this from The Collection’s Facebook page: “Fitness-minded visitors to The Collection at RiverPark will soon have a new, state-of-the-art facility in which to get their hearts racing and endorphins buzzing with the scheduled opening in 2014 of a 40,000-square-foot Oxnard 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport adjacent to REI and H&M. The massive new workout facility will include spacious locker rooms, a resistance equipment area, free weights, full-sized basketball court, group exercise room, a cycling/spin room, a main gym, a cardiovascular equipment area, and last but not least, a swimming pool. “

  6. Pay says:

    I am so very happy 24 hrs is gonna be near meeeeeee, I don’t need to drive all the way to Camarillo, oxnard or Thousand Oaks yeeeesssssd my job schedule needs 24 hrs love u guys great decision after a good dinner, nice shop or walk around The collection I will be able to exercise yeeeyyyyyyyyy Thank you The Collection !!! Pls don’t forget a nice place to have a good wine !!! And Apple Store plsssssssssssssss

  7. Sam says:

    I just read that is confirmed that a Telsa supercharger station is going to be build in The Collection, How cool is that!

    • Mig says:

      Yes, it was approved by the City a few weeks back. Tesla also had a car at the recent electric car event at The Collection. Now all that remains is for Tesla to establish a dealership there, just like at that mall up in Palo Alto. It wouldn’t have to be a huge traditional dealership with acres of parking lots full of new cars for sale, just a relatively small showroom with one or maybe two cars on display plus info and salespeople to take your order for your new Tesla. How cool would that be!

  8. larry archuletta says:

    Is anyone saying that it’s EITHER a 24-hour fitness OR an Apple store?
    why not both? 24-hour fitness was in the esplanade long before LA Fitness. They “moved” to Channel Islands and I was forced to drive from east Ventura to Channel Islands to maintain my membership. I could have changed to another gym, but I have a sweet deal for $99/year membership. I have had to “deal” with the move. As far as I’m concerned, this is just making it right again.
    And for the Apple Store, let the Itards have their little place to hang out.

    • Sam says:

      You are right Larry but the 24 hour at the Collection will be a super sport. I got a good deal as well $69 a year but guess what? If I want to go to the one in the collection it will be $35 cause super sport is very expensive. So would u still pay that much when you are paying like $8 something a month? I’m not. I’m not saying anything negative btw. I love The Collection is having a super sport gym (not many cities have those big gyms), What I’m trying to say is that alot of people are excited for this new gym and many don’t know that they need to upgrade their membership and is going to be way more expensive.

    • Mig says:

      Nobody said it has to be EITHER a 24 Hour Fitness OR an Apple Store. It’s not like the commenters here have a say one way or another. We’re just expressing our opinion on what we’d rather see come to The Collection. Where are you seeing that people are saying that it has to be one or the other but not both?? It’s just folks expressing their opinion about what they’re not thrilled about. There are many businesses in or going into The Collection that I’m not thrilled about, but it’s not like I’m bagging on the customers that would welcome those particular businesses. So… the name calling??? “Itards”?? That’s pretty nasty on multiple fronts. Why?? — ‘roid rage?

  9. Connor says:

    I would totally pay 35/month for 24 Super Sport. B Real Fitness (no bball court) in Camarillo, LA fitness (deteriorating), and Edge Fitness (small) are all equally or more expensive. I will be driving 8 miles to go to 24 Super Sport; however, I work in the collection so it will be somewhat convenient.

  10. Sam says:

    I logged to 24 hour fitness and can’t find that $499 2 year promotion :(

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