Free Concessions Using the Cinemark iPhone/Android App

If you have an iPhone or Android (and these days, that seems like most of us) I definitely recommend downloading the Cinemark app before your next visit to the new Century Theaters at Riverpark.  You can check movie times and buy tickets just like any other movie theater app.  But its coolest feature, CineMode, lets you earn free and discounted concessions in a pretty unique way.  More details after the jump.

Few things are as annoying as people getting phone calls, texting or checking their email in the middle of a dark movie theater.  I don’t care how dim you make your screen, that bright light in your lap is distracting to the people near you who are trying to watch the movie. I saw Skyfall at Century RiverPark 16 this past weekend and the woman sitting next to me chuckled at the Anthony-Hopkins-as-Alfred-Hitchcock PSA instructing audience members to turn off their phones. She then proceeded to hold on to her phone throughout the whole movie, texting people and even checking her email.  I’m pretty sure deleting your spam mail can wait until after the movie is over.

The CineMode feature in the Cinemark app helps to combat those annoyances caused by the less considerate.  Right before the movie starts fire up the Cinemark app and touch the CineMode icon on the app’s main screen.  This will dim the screen and put the phone into silent mode.  If you keep your phone in this mode for the entire duration of the movie you’ll get a reward for free and/or discounted concessions on your next trip.  Pretty neat!

Tap on the “Turn CineMode On” button and you’re on your way to earning free stuff










Now put your phone away so you don’t disturb anyone :)

Free concessions! Yay!










The first time I used the app I got a free medium fountain or frozen drink.  The second time I used it I got the coupon above.  You usually have about 3-4 weeks to use them, so the only bummer is you need to come back fairly frequently to keep getting/using the rewards.  But if you see a movie about once a month it works out well.

I have no idea how (or if) the app knows my movie is about to start.  In fact, I was able to put the app into CineMode while sitting at home.  I didn’t keep it in CineMode, so I don’t know if it would still give the reward or not.  I just wanted to see if it worked off of some kind of geo tagging (though, I do live across the street from the theater, so pretty close).

The app itself seems to be pretty reliable, although as I sat down to write this post the app was having trouble connecting to the Cinemark servers. However, that could be for a variety of reasons and doesn’t necessarily speak to the reliability of the app.

Kudos to Cinemark for coming up with an innovative way to encourage people to keep their phones off and at the same time encourage repeat business.  Have any of you guys used the Cinemark app and CineMode to get free concessions?  How has your experience been with the app?  Sound off in the comments below.

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9 Responses to Free Concessions Using the Cinemark iPhone/Android App

  1. Mig says:

    I was wondering the same thing about “how does the app know when I’m at the movie”, etc. I did think it was possibly through geo-positioning, but then I also thought that there might be some kind of inaudible signal or frequency broadcast in the auditorium or maybe even in the movie soundtrack that the app is continuously listening for. Either way, I didn’t turn the app on last weekend when I saw Skyfall for fear of it draining my already low battery, but I made sure to have a full charge going when I went to see Lincoln a few days ago. I turned on the app, and upon leaving the theater checked and saw that I got that same coupon for a free drink. Pretty neat.

  2. Ryan says:

    You could actually turn on cinemode at home and continue to get rewards. I have gotten 5 rewards today at home. I go to my timer and set it to 2 1/2 hours. When the timer goes off, I get the reward above. I haven’t recieved any other reward yet. You could also use cinemode while you are sleeping. Even for 10 hours, cinemode gives you the reward. Hope this helped!

  3. Ryan says:

    You can press the home button and still go through your phone. Even with cinemode on, you could text, call, and surf the web.

  4. Hunter Darios says:

    I was thinking the same thing about how you can still text and stuff during the movie. It seems like they would have fixed this by now. So pretty much, they are getting free stuff, and they can still text and do whatever else in the movies. Foolproof? I think not.

    • Mig says:

      I thought the point was that the app senses whether you text or voice call during the movie and if you do, you don’t get your concessions coupon. That would be the enticement to get you not to do those things. I’ve always played by the rules with it so I don’t know if it in practice works that way or not. Has anyone here tested it to know for sure?

  5. Kimm says:

    Do not upgrade cinemode. They fixed the problem of being able to use the web with cinemode on. Im mad. It wirks properly now.

  6. Justin Blanchard says:

    The commode app is a joke, just as much as the Sprint dream thing. I understand tiger concept but most people who would user this app turn the phone of f anyway so its notgetting anybody new. I don’t like several things about the app, its Sven is actually stairly bright in come mode, you can’t turn the screenff or else it won’t work, I went into the theater with a fill charger went into come mode and came or with a eight percent battery, drained the battery for very similar coupons you get from cinematic other ways, sometimes I watch several movies and would only have enough battery forfor one reward . Its not worth it for the reward even if I save them they still expire. Century became can have to have the app but come up with a better rewards program.

  7. Charles says:

    Hate the app. It is supposed to prevent calls and texts, but if someone calls or texts you, even if you do not answer, cinemode is turned off and no reward. I have to put my phone in airplane mode, the cinemode to get any rewards.

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