Gen Korean BBQ & Famous Dave’s BBQ Opening Spring of 2013

The folks over at The Collection announced the addition of two new BBQ restaurants, though they couldn’t be more different. Gen Korean BBQ and Famous Dave’s will be opening in the Spring of 2013.

Gen Korean BBQ

Gen Korean BBQ will occupy a 5,300 square-foot space at The Collection. It looks like this will be the third Gen restaurant.  The original is in Tustin and a new one opened recently in Huntington Beach.  They’re apparently known for their lunch and dinner all-you-can-eat menus and moderate prices. The pictures on their website give off a modern, somewhat upscale vibe, though the look and style of their restaurant in Oxnard could be different.

Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave’s is just a tad more well-known with locations in 35 states.  While the southwestern ambiance sometimes borders on cheesy, the food is good and it’s going to make The Collection smell amazing. There’s a Famous Dave’s in Westlake Village if you’re curious to give it a try before we get ours in the spring.


How do you guys feel about the new restaurants coming to The Collection next spring?  Have you eaten at either place?  What did you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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13 Responses to Gen Korean BBQ & Famous Dave’s BBQ Opening Spring of 2013

  1. Adrian says:

    I like Famous Dave’s. I’m looking forward to Yard House as well. Now if we could just get a Cheesecake Factory!

  2. Mig says:

    Thrilled about Gen Korean BBQ for reasons I’ll explain below. Not so much about Famous Dave’s. Interesting how we all (or most of us at least) first learned about these new announcements in the VC Star article today and so far no mention of it on The Collection Facebook page, or of course their official website (which hardly ever gets updated anyway).

    I honestly never heard of either of these restaurants prior to today, so I did some googling. One aspect of Gen that makes them look upscale and modern are those big stainless steel cylinders suspended over the tables… do you realize what they are? They’re exhaust hoods over the table-top grilles!! You sit at the tables and they bring you raw meat of your choosing and you grille it yourself at your table! With all the dipping sauces and fixings. How amazingly cool is that?? Imagine how fun it would be to be sitting there with your friends all cooking and eating and enjoying the experience! I think it’s a great addition to The Collection, something very exclusively unique to this area.

    I can’t speak to Famous Dave’s food because I haven’t been to one, but online reviews, Yelp, etc. are at best mixed. Same for their service. As to decor, I think it’s kitschy and fun and I’d love to see one in Oxnard, but I’m just not thrilled that it’s going into The Collection, which is supposed to be more upscale overall. Famous Dave’s isn’t going to bring anyone in from anyplace else outside of Oxnard. Ventura and Camarillo have Wood Ranch (which I’d rather see at The Collection but no way they are going to put one there between Ventura’s and Camarillo’s). T.O. and Simi (or environs) each have their own Famous Dave’s AND Wood Ranch locations. So what’s the big draw here?

    Sure, I understand it’s important to have a well rounded mix of offerings, but does that mix have to skew to the mid range of offerings, with Kabuki, Gen and Yard House representing the highest level of “upscale” that we can hope for? If so, then I vote for more unique and exclusive places like Gen, and less cookie-cutter franchised places like Famous Dave’s. Everyone was hoping for and anticipating a Dave and Buster’s, and what they’re giving us is a Famous Dave’s? Not a suitable equivalent.

    Oh and… when are we going to start hearing about the retail shops I wonder…

    • me says:

      You should get over yourself about Famous Daves. When someone wins over 400 bbq contests that stands for something big in the bbq world. I travel from Ventura to Westlake all the time and my family and friends also love it! Just cause you dont appreciate it, dont hate it.

  3. Ryan V says:

    I agree with Mig that Famous Dave’s is not a good fit be in The Collection. A better location for Famous Dave’s would’ve been in the building where Du-Par’s use to be down the street next to the towers.

  4. Angelica says:

    How do I apply?

  5. sweet says:

    the reason i want to eat at the restaurant is because i lazy to cook n what the hell with korean bbq restaurant to eating there i have to grill my own food that i paid for it bull shit i vote no for korean bqq all you can eat . korean tofu house is yes

  6. alex says:

    I was hoping for a taco bell, so it would be walking distance..

  7. H says:

    Very disappointed when I try to dine at Gen this weekend. I was refused service because they don’t serve singles, company policy. I will not recommend this restuarant nor will I dine there with friends. Bad policy to discriminate against single diners.

  8. Alex says:

    BBQ sounds good :) . there’s plenty of food at the Collection now, what I’d like to see is some more shops

  9. 8 says:

    If you’ve gone to an all you can eat korean bbq place before you would know that they are not upscale.

    Famous Dave is delicious and I can’t be anymore excited.

  10. Jemmie says:

    When will they be opening the famous Dave’s in the collection?!

  11. Phrynster says:

    Moved to Oxnard from Pasadena. Oxnard NEEDS more authentic Asian dining. Thrilled to know we have Korean BBQ (Gen) nearby. If you’ve never done Korean BBQ, you have to try it. The meats are thinly shaved and juicy. The meat I like best is called Bulogi or something like that. Yes, you cook it yourself over a table top grill. No, not a place for a solo customer because Korean BBQ is all about sharing plates which is typical Asian dining. Totally ignorant to to think one person can eat at these places. I’m a blue-eyed / blonde-haired girl married to a Taiwanese guy. We are intrepid foodies, be it spicy fish head soup, French saucissons, Swiss raclette, German shnitzel…..Thank God for Korean BBQ! So delish and fun!

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